Are Screw-Cap Wines Low Quality

  1. Screwcap Wine
    Tasting and comparing aged wines from Bordeaux bottled under cork Versus tapped under screw cap, which sealing system is better for ageing the wines and preserving the aromas of your vino?
    I found out reviewing a 9-year-old Sauvignon Blanc wines and a 12-year-old one both bottled under cork and screwcap and found out which is more consistant and saves the natural expression of the wine’s origin, winemaking and terroir.

  2. Screw Cap Wine
    Coravin, the wine preservation system that allows you to withdraw wine from a bottle without removing the cork, now allows you to remove wine from bottles sealed with a scewcap. Note: this innovation is currently only available in Australia and new Zealand. It will launch elsewhere later in the year.

  3. The Screwcap wine
    Twistoff closures have become a popular way to keep quality wines fresh. Plus, no corkscrew needed—so opening the bottle should be easy, right? Yes, but here’s a little trick to make it even easier.

  4. Screw Cap Wine


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