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    Pickling Week ends with the grandaddy of all things pickled, the class Dill Pickles. Ok, so I’m Jewish and for some reason they’re in my blood, but they are sooooo damn good. Just make em.

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    “PawPaw’s Pickles”
    10 cups of water (boiled and cooled, drinking water or filtered water)
    2 cups white vinegar 5% acidity
    1 1/4 cups canning salt
    Mix together and stir until salt is melted. Do not heat. I mix it all in an empty vinegar bottle so that it is easy to store if I don’t use it all immediately.
    Into each empty. STERILE, quart jar put:
    2 cloves of fresh garlic
    2 pods dried red pepper (I used Chile Arbol. Chile Japones, Chile Pequins, or other small dried peppers would work)
    2 teaspoons dried dill seed (OR one “bunch” of fresh dill)
    1 fresh dill stem if you have it (I usually don’t so I skip this part)
    2 grape leaves (use one teaspoon unflavored green tea if you can’t get grape leaves. do not use black tea, it will discolor the water).

    Cut 1/4 inch off the blossom end of each cucumber and discard (it contains enzymes that cause softening). Cut cukes as desired. Pack fresh cucumbers into the jars and pour brine over them to completely cover. Leave 1/2″ head space. Put STERILE lids on, finger-tight.

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    Today we are going to learn how to make dill pickles at home! This quick and easy dill pickle recipe goes together in just a few minutes and in just a few days you’ll be enjoying the snap of a fresh dill pickle! I’ll show you how to make dill pickles using fresh cucumber, dill seed, vinegar, and salt with a few other spices that you can get creative with on your own!
    I hope you enjoy my simple dill pickle recipe.

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