How Can I Make Applesauce at Home

  1. Make Applesauce |
    Learn all the secrets for How to Make Applesauce. Can it, freeze it — leave it unsweetened, or add in some extras to sweeten things up. You’ll only need one recipe to teach you everything you need to know!

  2. Make Homemade Applesauce –

  3. Make Homemade Applesauce |

  4. Making homemade applesauce
    In this video we make applesauce from the apples harvested in the garden. Something we try to do each year. Yummy, and useful in many dishes and pastries.

    1 kg apples
    1/2 dl water
    6 dl sugar / liter strained apples
    Sodium benzoate (according to manufacturers recommendations)

    Clean the apples, cut them in ping-pong ball sized pieces (remove the stem and flower “bud”).
    Add the water and slowly cook or simmer the fruit until it is soft and mushy.
    Use whatever strainer machine you have and measure the total volume.
    Add the sugar, let it heat up and simmer for about 5 min. Stir regularly!!
    Take it off the heat, add the preservative, stir and pour on well cleaned jars.
    Add food safe paraffin wax o top. Done!
    Store in a moderately heated and dark place.
    Will keep fresh for a year or two.

  5. Apple Sauce Recipe

  6. Homemade Applesauce Recipe
    Want to know how to make applesauce? This easy 2 ingredients recipe is so good. No sugar needed either. I love to make this homemade applesauce a couple of times during apple season when I find apples at a good price.


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