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    Step by step video on cooking jambalaya in a camp dutch oven. This cajun style dish is easy to make in one pot.

  4. Make Jambalaya
    This authentic cajun jambalaya starts out with the Holy Trinity (bell pepper,onions and celery) 2 containers. about 32 ounces. or to make it easier 3 large onions . 3 to 4 bell peppers and 6 ribs of celery.
    16 chicken thighs.
    A family pack of sausage of your choice about 3 links.
    10 cups of par-boiled rice.
    21 cups of water.
    32 oz of chicken stock.
    1-4 0z . bottle of kitchen bouquet browning seasoning.
    3 to 4 ounces of minced garlic.
    add seasonings to taste. Salt ,Pepper, Tony’s, Paprika, Tabasco sauce and Cumin.
    This recipe will feed about 20 people if you want to feed less just scale the recipe down. Remeber: (Parboiled rice takes less time to cook and is firmer and less sticky) it’s your friend, use it!!!

  5. Jambalaya Recipe
    This is my Jambalaya Recipe. I cooked this and it was all gone the same day. Just tastes amazing! So flavorful!


    6 cups of long grain mahatma rice
    12 cups of broth/water
    6 lbs of Jambalaya meat(Boston butt or temple meat)
    1 pack of John Morrell Hardwood Smoked bacon
    3 lbs of Veron smoked sausage
    3 lbs of chicken thighs
    12 medium onions chopped fine
    Tony Chachere’s to taste
    Garlic powder to taste

    First thing first…

    Start with a half of pack of hardwood smoked bacon. Cook bacon down until it’s crispy. Take the bacon out and leave bacon grease in the pot.

    Next put the seasoned jambalaya meat in the hot bacon grease. Be sure the jambalaya meat is seasoned really good with Tony’s because it’s going to help with the graton at the bottom of the pot.

    Brown the pork meat down really well. Let the meat fry until it starts to stick, then stir. Do that over and over again, it sticks then stir, repeat. Sometimes a little water is needed to cool off the bacon grease. The meat debris that sticks to the bottom of the pot (the graton) will dictate your color of the rice/jamb.

    After the pork is browned down remove completely from the pot.

    Next brown down the 3 lbs of seasoned chicken. Season chicken really good with Tony’s. Brown chicken down same way as you did the pork meat. Once chicken is cooked take it out the pot.

    Now throw in 3 lbs of Veron’s smoked sausage. Cut the sausage about 1/4 inch thick. Don’t overcook the sausage, Just mildly brown it down, because overcooking will cook all of the taste out of the sausage. After I cook the sausage a little I remove from the pot.

    Drain the grease out of the pot at this time but dont lose the graton. Then I add my onions with a splash of stock and cook for about five mins without the lid. This is when you scrape the bottom of the pot getting all the brown graton from the pork and chicken. After 5 mins have passed place the lid on the pot and sweat the onions for about five mins. Then take the lid off and continue scraping the bottom of the pot. You want to get all those goodies off the bottom. This is when the color of the jambalaya starts to reveal it darkness. The browner the meat was cooked the darker the onions will be.

    After the onions or cooked down add all the meat back into the pot and mix well. Cook/boil all the remaining water/moisture out of the meat/onion mixture at this time so the water measurements will be accurate.
    At this time I add my broth/water. For this size Jamb I go with the standard 2 to 1 ratio of water to rice. So 6 cups of rice needs 12 cups broth/water.
    After it comes to a rolling boil I start tasting the water. I like it a tad bit salty cause the rice will absorb the saltiness. I use Tony Chachere’s, garlic powder to get the water seasoned.
    Skim the remaining grease off the top.

    After I get the taste like I want and its on a hard rolling boil i’ll add the rice. Never add rice until the water is boiling! I let it come back to a boil until the rice starts to expand. This is a very important time relevant to the “popping” of the rice. I let the rice get noticeably bigger/expanded before I cut heat and cover. You can tell is getting ready when the rice is thickening by stirring your spoon in the mixture. As it thickens it will get noticeably harder to stir. This can be achieved on a HARD boil and it is critical to the rice popping correctly.

    After the rice has started to expand and is where I think its ready to cover I cut back on my heat to 20% and cover. Do not lift the lid for any reason for 25 min. If your lid does not seal really tight wrap a rag or towel around the lid seal. Be careful of the burner below if this is done. This will seal a pot off really well.

    I let this cook for about 25 minutes for this size and then lift the lid and roll the rice. Don’t stir. Roll it from bottom to top at 4 different spots. Re-cover and cut heat off.

    Let sit for another 15 minutes and then un-cover and eat.

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