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  3. Make Roasted Peppers

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  5. Make Roasted Peppers

  6. roasted pepper!
    Update from Lori Fiechter: If you only have a few peppers to roast, an air-fryer works great! I did a couple of batches today–15 minutes at the hottest setting.
    The sweet peppers are turning red and I’ve used all I need (I think) for salsa and spaghetti sauce so today I roasted, peeled, and then froze little half-pint jars. These roasted peppers are wonderful on pizza, salad, or pasta!

    There isn’t much of a recipe:

    Wash, seed, and cut in half sweet red peppers.
    Put cut-side down on a jelly roll pan–if you have a silpat to put down, it makes the process simpler to remove them.
    Turn the broiler on to 500 F.
    Broil until charred, about 15 minutes.
    Using a tongs, put the roasted peppers in a pan with a tight-fitting lid for at least 5 minutes. This will make them easier to peel (supposedly…I had a lot of trouble with most of them!)

    I also had a few green salsa/Anaheim peppers to roast and they peeled beautifully! Wish we had more of those plants…or that I could figure out which ones they were. They look very similar to the Italian red bull peppers!

  7. roasted peppers!


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