How Can I Pick Out Good Melons in the Store

  1. Pick Melon
    , I tell you how to pick a cantaloupe with 3 simple steps. There are 3 things that you must consider when trying to pick a ripe cantaloupe; one of them involves looking at the melon, the other involves touching the melon, and the third involves smelling the melon. You can use your senses, along with the knowledge from this video, to pick an amazingly ripe cantaloupe from your local grocery store!

  2. Melons

  3. Melons!!!!

  4. Melons:

  5. melon
    I planted some seeds I collected from a nasty tasting store bought honeydew. I ended up with one of the best melons I’ve ever had. The melon was such a surprise because I had such low expectations for it.


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