How Can I Save Time While Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Thanksgiving Dinner
    Cook with me as I prepare a Thanksgiving day feast! We have roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing or dressing, and other Thanksgiving dinner meal favorites! This is a longer vlog showing a lot of the cooking and cleaning process as well as some story time sharing my favorite memories growing up!

  2. Thanksgiving Dinner


  4. Thanksgiving Dinner

  5. Thanksgiving Dinner

  6. Thanksgiving Dinner”

  7. Thanksgiving Dinner
    As Thanksgiving approaches and the holiday season officially begins, there’s no shortage of simple tips to prepare your feast. If you need a roasting rack, celebrity chef Todd English showed Inside Edition how to make one out of aluminum foil at the Four Seasons. There is an inventive way to bake the stuffing by scooping it into muffin tins. It cooks faster and becomes deliciously crisp. If you don’t have time to peel and mash potatoes, you can purchase already-mashed spuds.


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