How Do I Choose the Best Alfalfa Sprout Seeds

  1. Alfalfa Sprouts!
    Alfalfa sprouts are naturally abundant in certain plant compounds, like coumestrol, and are a cleansing nutritious food source. Being very easy to grow and mass produce, they are one of the few sprouts found in common everyday grocery stores.

    Typically grown vertically and sold in small square containers or larger flats, they are a living enzyme-rich food that can be easily incorporated into the diet or interchanged periodically with other sprout favorites. Learn more about the controversial L-canavanine content as well as the food safety issues associated with commercially grown alfalfa sprouts.

  2. Alfalfa !

  3. Alfalfa Sprouts –
    How to grow your own alfalfa sprouts without much effort.

  4. Sprout Alfalfa

  5. Alfalfa Sprouts –

  6. Sprouting Alfalfa
    Alfalfa sprouts are easy to grow, nutrient dense, and add flavor to salads, soups, wraps….so why not grow? The Two-Tiered Seed Sprouter makes it super easy to grow, or use mason jars….I will be putting out a video on sprouting alfalfa in mason jars very soon, stay tuned!


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