How Do I Choose the Best American Cheese

  1. American Cheese
    American Cheese is one of those foods that I never thought I would make on this channel but after many years of requests and especially Larry from Deep South Texas channel, I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go. The cheese (which was sourced from my vast stock of cheese) is emulsified using Sodium Citrate. It is my best effort having never tasted the real thing. If you want to make the cheese a darker yellow/orange, then just add more annatto!

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  3. American Cheese~
    Make your own processed cheese slices and spreadable cheese using real cheese and only a few other simple ingredients! Make creamier, gooier grilled cheese sandwiches, spread on toast for a quick lunch or melt over veggies…how will you enjoy your homemade American cheese?

  4. American Cheese

  5. American Cheese

  6. American Cheese

  7. American Cheese
    How to make homemade American Cheese. A collaboration between Gavin Webber and Deep South Texas. American Cheese gets a bad rep but it has unique properties, it melts, and is easy to make. Here is how. You can substitute purchased Cheddar cheese and Colby cheese for the homemade.


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