How Do I Choose the Best Asian Pear

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  4. Asian Pear!

  5. Asian Pear
    Starting Asian Pears from seed is very easy. In this video, I started the seeds in paper towel, then transfer to hydroponic to boost their growth.

  6. Asian Pear Trees

  7. Asian Pear Tree!
    This Large Korean Asian pear tree is my favorite. Its fruit is delicious; it requires no spraying, and you get gorgeous store quality pears – but they’re much better than the ones you buy in the store. This type of tree has different names from different nurseries. I am pretty sure it is about the same tree as what Stark Brothers calls their Starking Hardy Giant, and what Gurney’s calls their Olympic Giant Asian. I bought this one from Miller Nurseries which have since been bought by Stark Brothers, so I think they just renamed this one. I hope so because I bought one from Stark and am waiting for it to bear.

  8. Asian Pear Tree!


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