How Do I Choose the Best Cake Dummy

  1. dummy cake

  2. Dummy Cake
    Ever wondered how to cover a dummy cake? Well in this tutorial I will show you how. Very often clients want a two, three, four or five tier cake and don’t realise that there is going to be too much cake for their event! I often suggest that they go with one or two tiers of cake and the rest “dummy” or “fake” tiers which are made of polystyrene and covered in sugar paste and decorated as you would a normal tier. Once assembled, you cannot tell the difference. This gives your client the opportunity of having a really “wow” looking cake without all the leftover cake!

  3. cake dummy!

  4. DUMMY Cake

  5. dummy cake

  6. dummy cake

  7. dummy cakes
    Hi ya’ll I’m sugar and cake artist Shelby Bower and today I’m going to show you how I prepare my dummy cakes for fondant. Dummy cakes need smoothing out whether they are new and have a few manufacturers defects or larger pick marks from the type of foam or cracks and uneven spots from being used multiple times. In this video I teach you how to prep those dummies for flawless fondant so your display cakes can shine!

  8. Cake made with “Dummy”
    Wedding Cake made BIGGER using “Dummy” cakes. This video shows you how to make a wedding cake with a top tier made of real cake and the rest of Styrofoam cake layers. Your guests will never know! Watch how to make your wedding cake look its best and have your guests thinking they ate it too!! SHHHH…. no one needs to know!

    I make all my fondant myself, in fact I have never purchase fondant to date!


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