How Do I Choose the Best Cavendish Banana


  2. Cavendish Banana!

  3. Cavendish Banana!

  4. Cavendish Banana!
    This video is about the Dwarf Cavendish Banana Plant. How to grow and harvest Bananas. How to preserve the exess banana harvest.

  5. Cavendish Banana !
    Separate Banana pups from mother plant and planting them. Keep in mind that you should cut off all the roots on baby and let it dry for 2 or 3 days then you can plant it in soil if no..Probably They can’t grow really good and fungal take affect on them. For mother plants you should let that part you cut it get dry or use some fungicide on that part you cut it. Happy gardening and God bless you

  6. Cavendish Banana
    Hydrophilia Technologies is providing better solutions now for cavendish banana industry for the MRL or Maximum Residue Limit problem. All Japan exported bananas has a very strict MRL standard. If MRL standard is not achieved then those batches of exported bananas will be sent back here in the Philippines. Japan has this standard because majority of bananas exported are injected and sprayed with toxic, carcinogenic, and harmful synthetic chemicals to have a better quality, better looking and bigger bananas.

    Last year, a variety of our patent pending Department Of Science and Technology awarded Alcasol-FC a nature based chemical have tested for Bud injection and Bunch spray and has been used for several small farmers in Compostela Vallley Mindanao Philippines and we have help them to increase their BSR or Box Stem Ratio of 1.8 to 2.3 . All theses pictures is a testament and our confirmation that Alcasol can be used as a best replacement for synthetic toxic chemicals that has been used.

  7. Cavendish Bananas


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