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  4. Cherry Peppers
    Pickled Vegetables in Vinegar Mixture

    1 Head of Cauliflower
    A lot of Cherry Peppers (Sorry not measured) (best if picked off a farm or farmers market)
    Fresh Garlic about 2 bulbs keep cloves whole or cut in half

    3 Qt White Distilled Vinegar 5% Acidity
    1 Qt Water
    1/2 C Salt
    3/4 C Sugar

    Boil for 5 Min (cover)
    Let stand till Cool

    Watch video for prep. You can also add in any veggies you like pickled.

    Always heat up lids before putting on the jars, it gives a better seal. Just boil in hot water for a min or so.

    4- 5 Bottles of 1 QT canning jars

  5. Cherry Peppers
    Stuffed hot cherry pepper meatball sub!! I topped it with a Sunday gravy and pecorino romano cheese. You could substitute a marinara in place of the gravy….it’s what I had in the freezer. I also didn’t use bread crumbs – working on a pork panko / rice chex blend for the best wheat free bread crumbs out there


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