How Do I Choose the Best Grill Grate

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    We’ve been using grill grates for well over a year now and we think they add another layer to our cooks, especially steaks and burgers. A few days ago in one of the rec tec forums someone was asking if they were worth the money… so I decided to put the grill grates to the test and do a little comparison of the grates on the rec tec pellet grill.

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    In this video I use a set of Grillgrates to get that perfect crosshatch sear marks on some Ribeyes that everyone loves! With these grates anyone can achieve that Ponderosa picture perfect STEAK with ease! If you enjoy grilling steaks get yourself a set and start wowing your friends and family

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    Custom Weber Kettle grill grate from the burn shop

    Only my second time using grill grates. I really like the ease of setup and use. It prevents flareups. The only thing I’m learning is what temp to end offset cooking, and setting up the grates for the sear. I let this one go just a little longer than needed to end up with a med/rare. Also pressing down on the meat would help get better contact with the grate, epecially is the steak is not laying flat

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    The hottest thing you’ll see all day: the Royal Oak grill grate.


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