How Do I Choose the Best Idaho Potato

  1. Idaho Potatoes
    A look into how the world’s most famous potatoes are planted. Brett Jensen Farms using Spudnik 8-row planters, Spudnik Crop Cart, and John Deere tractors to efficiently and accurately plant potatoes in East Idaho.

  2. Big Idaho Potato

  3. Idaho Potato!

  4. Idaho! Potatoes!
    Dutch-oven potatoes are one of Idaho’s iconic dishes. These cheesy potatoes are an easy and delicious side dish.

  5. Idaho Potato

  6. Idaho !Potato!
    Here on the Farm potatoes are our cash crop. We grow the great Idaho Potato. It is a Russet Burbank variety. This time of year we are busy putting the seeds in the ground. The timing is important for a plentiful harvest in September.
    Come along as we show you how it is done.

  7. Idaho Potato


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