How Do I Choose the Best Paccheri Pasta

  1. Paccheri Pasta
    Delicious Italian pasta meal was prepared using Wegmans Organic Paccheri Rigati pasta, the largest tube pasta pieces I could find. I made a mixture with Ricotta cheese and filled each tube with the filling, stood each piece on end in pasta sauce, covered with sauce and sprinkled with mozzarella and oregano. Then I baked til brown and we devoured it!

  2. Paccheri Pasta
    Paccheri pasta is PERFECT for soaking up delicious sauce. It features a star pattern and is made from vegetables, herbs, and superfoods.

  3. Paccheri Pasta

  4. paccheri pasta
    1) paccheri pasta
    2) shrimp 🦐
    3) cherry tomato (you can use normal tomato )
    4) onion
    5) garlic
    6) pepper
    7) salt


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