How Do I Choose the Best Pickling Spice

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  2. Pickling Spice
    Summer is upon us and many are starting to reap the rewards of their first harvest from their garden. In my area farm fresh produce such as strawberries, blueberries, squash and yes, cucumbers are abounding in the local groceries and road side stands. Time to think about making pickles! This year we are working hard to bring you refrigerator pickles and build a playlist filled with “no canning required” pickling recipes. When you make pickles you will need pickling spice and that is where today’s video comes into play! Let’s make big batch pickling spice just in time for pickling season!

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    This time I’m in a pickle lol. I love the taste of a pickle. For those that aren’t familiar with the Indian style of pickling, it’s different from a North American style one. In India spices are ground together with chilies and lemon or vinegar is used to preserve a variety of vegetables, shrimp, fish and even beef! Of course like our vast country the styles of pickles vary from the fiery reds to mellow yellows and everything in between.

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