How Do I Choose the Best Quinoa Flakes


  2. Amazing Health Benefits of Quinoa Flakes
    Surprising Health Advantages of Quinoa Flakes.

    Complete Protein.
    The protein worth of quinoa flakes is very high (1218% by weight).
    Per serving, quinoa flakes pack nearly six grams of highquality protein, including all nine essential proteins the body must get through food.

    Soluble Fiber.
    Quinoa flakes will also be a great resource of soluble fiber.
    They provide three grams of fiber per serving, that is nearly 12 % from the suggested daily value.

    A bowl of quinoa flakes can offer 22 percent from the suggested daily value for iron.
    This important mineral accounts for transporting oxygenwealthy red bloodstream cells through the body.
    Fight fatigue with quinoa flakes!

    Simple to Digest.
    Quinoa is really a seed, that makes it a naturally glutenfree breakfast option.
    It’s a great alternative for those not able to digest wheat easily.

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