How Do I Choose the Best Rock Candy

  1. Rock Candy Is Made
    The candy at Sticky starts as melted sugar and turns into something beautiful. Watch the magic behind their candy making.

    This How to make Rock Candy at home DIY dessert recipe is so simple and easy to make you will never want to buy it again.Ingredients:
    3¾ C. Sugar
    1 C. corn Syrup
    1 C. Water
    1 TSP. Flavouring
    Food Colouring
    Powdered Sugar to coat

  3. Making Rock Candy |
    See how traditional rock candy is made, the whole process right through from beginning to end. Also find out how the tiny intricate letters on the inside are formed.

  4. Rock Candy
    In this video I am going to show you how to make Giant Rock Candy, making candy at home is really easy you will only need a few things. One thing you will need is a lot of sugar, it takes a lot of sugar to make Giant Rock Candy. You will also need food coloring if you want to make your rock candy different colors, and you will also need food flavoring I used strawberry in mine but you can use any kind you like. The only bad thing about making giant rock candy is that it takes so long, this candy I made took me 6 weeks but they were amazing after they were done, well i hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe and hit that like button!

  5. Make Rock Candy ||
    Rock candy is beautiful and easy to make. This hard candy recipe is fun for the whole family to make. This DIY science experiment grows sugar crystals on a stick.


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