How Do I Choose the Best Santa Claus Melon

  1. Santa Claus Melon

  2. Santa Claus melon
    I enjoy trying new fruits, vegetables and foods – this is a series about unusual food I have tried and am trying for the first time. Enjoy!

    Today we are trying Santa Claus Melon, which I purchased at Whole Foods.

    The Santa Claus Melon is sometimes know as the Christmas melon, due to the length of time the melon would keep, even until Christmas.

    The Santa Claus melon or or piel de sapo (which means Toad Skin) is originally from Spain, but now is grown widely around the world.

    The Santa Claus melon is football or watermelon shaped and has a light green to white flesh, it has a succulent texture with a mildly sweet flavor and is similar to the Honey Dew melon, but not as sweet.

    Out of all the melons we have tried so far, the Santa Claus melon is our favorite melon. If you get the opportunity you MUST try this melon.

    *** Always read about unusual foods before eating, as some may interact with some Medications and others interact if you have certain medical conditions ****

  3. Santa Claus: The Melon

  4. Santa Claus melon

  5. Santa Claus Melon 🍈🍈🍈

  6. Santa Claus Melon


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