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    How to make homemade smoked sausage start to finish you can add many other ingredients.This is not just A regular smoked sausage recipe. but what this is a scale that you can use to make your own unique brand of smoked sausage . you will need these ingredients granulated garlic cayenne pepper coarse ground salt and pepper also a meat grinder a pork butt Earthly boneless pork butt. believe it or not you would need instant powdered milk well as pepper flake A seasoning called mace in a seasoning called margarine. also added a curing call Tender Quick it’s made by Norton’s

    A couple of my favorite homemade sausages to make are a chicken feta sausage that my wife really loves, and a Thai sausage that has some great heat to it, however this time I wanted to make a polish style sausage, and put them on the smoker. These sausages were dynamite, and let’s just say my son who loves sausages gave the homemade smoked sausage a thumbs up.

    Let’s get started.


    5 lbs of boneless pork shoulder, cut into large cubes
    1 tsp mustard seeds, lightly crushed
    2 tbsp granulated garlic
    1 tbsp cracked black pepper
    1 tbsp dried marjoram
    1 tsp pink salt for curing
    1 cup of ice water
    hog casings, soaked and cleaned in cold water
    sausage stuffer
    2 cups apple wood chips, soaked in water for 1 hour
    Begin by grinding your meat. I use a KitchenAid with the grinding accessory for this job. It works well. Let the meat fall into a large mixing bowl.

    Mix all of the seasonings, and set aside.

    When the meat is ground, sprinkle the seasoning over the meat, pour in the ice cold water, and get in there with your hands, working quickly, and make sure everything is mixed and incorporated.

  2. Smoking Polish Sausage

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  4. Smoked Sausage
    Rounding out sausage season as deer season winds down.

  5. Smoking Sausages


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