How Do I Choose the Best Seltzer Water

  1. seltzer water
    Seltzer is just carbonated water. It’s fizzy, it doesn’t really taste like anything, and in the US right now, it’s insanely popular.

    But why? Where did seltzer come from? Why is it having a moment? Is seltzer bad for you? It is the same thing as mineral water? And why do so many people call it seltzer instead of sparkling water or fizzy water?

    This is the story of how America became obsessed with seltzer.

  2. Make Seltzer

    HARD SELTZER (Lemon)
    4.9% abv
    OG: 1.040
    FG: 1.005

    BATCH SIZE: 5 gallons

    Heat 6 Gallons to 170F and add:
    5.2lbs sugar
    4 grams Yeast Nutrient
    4 grams Calcium Chloride

    Red Star Premier Champagne Blanc

    Add 14oz citrus juice to keg


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